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The team


Galerie Atena team



Founder Galerie Atena Nidal Ouaiss



Nidal was born into a family of antique dealers, so as a result, she is well versed in all aspects of the antique business. Her decision to study Art History was an obvious one, as antiques had long been her passion and in her blood.


She specializes in French decorative objects, with a particular affinity for the 18th and 19th centuries, especially the Charles X era in France.



Founder de la Galerie Atena Frédéric Sioufi



Frederic took a different path from his wife, studying business at the Ecole Superieure de Commerce in Paris. Following his studies, he moved to the United States and earned his MBA, after which he became a trader in the financial markets between Paris and Tokyo.


After all of the excitement, adrenaline, and stress, he felt a profound need for change. He decided, after fifteen years in that environment, to abandon the world of Finance and to embrace the world of Art.



Team Galerie Atena



Emma graduated from Nantes Atlantique School of Design in Pune, India, where she spent 2 years travelling around the country to meet craftsmen. Emma is fiery and full of energy, she has a passion for craftsmanship.


During her internship at the Fabrique Nomade, she had the chance to work with several craftsmen on marquetry, embroidery and jewelry projects. Handiwork was obviously her path.


Then she decided to join the family business in order to strengthen the team of restoration of antique furniture of the Atena Gallery.



Team Galerie Atena



Naomi graduated from a business school in Grenoble, France, as well as an MBA from Nagoya University in Japan. After several experiences as a Business Developer in the world of large companies, she prefers to give meaning to her job and joins the family business.


Very creative by nature, she has always been passionate about art and decoration. She therefore decided to train in decoration software in order to develop a new activity within the family business: interior design consulting. At the same time, she uses her digital skills to enrich the website and social networks.



Team Galerie Atena




Raphaëlle is a graduate of the École du Louvre in Paris and is currently studying for a Master's degree at IESA. She is specialized in 19th century art.


Curious by nature, she is passionate about antique objects and the knowledge they reflect. During her studies, she worked actively to make the public discover them through mediation experiences at Orsay or the Louvre.


In order to deepen her knowledge of the art market, she joined the Atena team to write the digital catalog and bring her vision of the collections through blogs and videos.



Team Galerie Atena



Herbert has a background in civil engineering. After several years in the design of public infrastructure, he worked as a cabinetmaker and then founded his own construction company.


In 2010, he left his home country, the Philippines, and moved to France, where he started working for Galerie Atena. Today, he is able to restore the majority of the gallery's objects: from cabinet making to gilding, carpentry, bronze polishing, wood varnishing, and even the electrification of the lighting fixtures.




Equipe Galerie Atena


Zamen was born in Darkundi, Afghanistan. At a very young age he moved to Iran where he started working as a carpenter. He worked for 12 years as a workshop manager. Passionate about his job, he quickly evolved and became a manager. His workshop manufactures gondolas, custom-made stands for different structures and events, as well as furniture for individuals.


He arrives in France in November 2018 and joins the restoration team of the Atena Gallery. He is in charge of cabinet making and restoration of antique furniture, as well as the preparation of wooden crates for heavy and fragile objects. 



Yves is the official photographer of the Galerie Atena since 2004. His highly professional work allows you to have a very precise idea of the objects we offer on our website


Workshop Galerie Atena        Workshop Galerie Atena