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» » » 4 Academic Drawings "From Life" and After Classical Sculpture

4 Academic Drawings "From Life" and After Classical Sculpture

Reference - 2889-4

Set of 4 academic drawings depicting 3 realistic studies "from life" (including 2 studies of male nude), and a drawing after plaster cast. Signed "V. Geoffroy" and dated 1896 to 1898.

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This set of 4 academic drawings displays three realistic studies drawn "from life" (including 2 studies of male nude), and a drawing after plaster cast of classical sculpture. This type of exercises was considered the foundation of Academic training in the 19th century :


1 - Academy of a man sitting on a saddle, signed and dated upper right: "V. GEOFFROY", "22 j[...] 98".

2 - Academy of a standing man leaning against a column, signed and dated upper right: "V. GEOFFROY 17/11 97".

3 - Bust of child, signed and dated upper right: "V. Geoffroy", April 6, 98

4 - Fireman climbing a ladder, signed and dated upper left: "V. GEOFFROY 1896 January 15".


The drawings of nude, called "académies" were executed in the studio, where a live model posed. This exercise allowed future artists to study anatomy. Drawing from plaster casts was a classical and rigorous exercise, allowing to learn the Greek aesthetic canons.


This set of drawings was executed by V. Geoffroy between 1896 and 1898. All four are scrupulously signed and dated. 4 other studies of male nude signed V. Geoffroy are available.


Dim. without frame : W:48cm, H:62,5cm.

Dim. with frame: W:52,5cm, D:1cm, H:67,7cm. / Dim: W: 20,7 in - D: ,4in - H: 26,7in.


The dimensions may vary slightly according to the drawings.

Circa :1896
Dim: W: 20,7 in - D: ,4in - H: 26,7in.
Dim: L:52,5cm, P:1cm, H:67,7cm.

Condition Report
In overall good condition, the paper with light wear consistent with age and use. New frames.

In the 19th century, art training began in France with the copy of engraved models. It continued at the École des Beaux-Arts, where students learn drawing the nude, called "académie". The daily drawing classes were alternately devoted to the two traditional exercises of academic pedagogy, drawing from plaster casts of famous classical sculptures and drawing "from life", after a live model. Painting was not taught at the École des Beaux-Arts until after 1863.

The "académie" - the representation of the nude human body from life or after plaster casts - was the basic building block of academic art and students had to practice it every day.

V. Geoffroy certainly followed this academic training, whether or not he was enrolled at the École des beaux-arts. Indeed, since the arts education system was pyramidal, the Academy imposed on all levels the exercises taught then at the Ecole des beaux-arts.

Alain Bonnet, Véronique Goarin, Hélène Jagot, Emmanuel Schwartz, Devenir peintre au XIXe siècle : Baudry, Bouguereau, Lenepveu, Fage éditions, Lyon, 2007.

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