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» » » Allegorical Bisque "Cigale et Fourmi" signed Louis-Maximilien Bourgeois
Allegorical Bisque Cigale et Fourmi signed Louis-Maximilien Bourgeois
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Allegorical Bisque "Cigale et Fourmi" signed Louis-Maximilien Bourgeois

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Allegorical bisque that represents two young women embodying the cigada and the ant from the famous French Poem of Jean de La Fontaine "La Cigale et la Fourmi"

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Important allegorical bisque titled "La Cigale et la Fourmi" (from the famous French Poem by Jean de La Fontaine), signed Louis-Maximilien Bourgeois (1839-1901). It represents two young women; one standing, carrying a mandolin on her back, lightly dressed and elegantly coiffed. As the cicada ("La Cigale"), she tries to convince the other young woman sitting, dressed modestly, her hair held back by a kerchief. She embodies the hardworking ant.


On the pedestal is engraved the famous quotation of Jean de La Fontaine (1668-1694): "You were singing, I am very happy - Well! Dance now" (Book One, I, The Cicada and the Ant).


The Famous French Poem of Jean de La Fontaine, "La Cigale et la Fourmi", tells the story of a cigada (Cigale), that prefers to sing, danse and enjoy summer time, while the ant (Fourmi) prefers to work all summer long to prepare winter time. Once winter time arrives, the cigada has no food and begs the ant help her, but she refuses...


Louis-Maximilien Bourgeois, born February 11, 1839 in Paris, is a French sculptor and medalist. He models busts and statues, and is also known as a medalist. His workshop is located in the 6th district in Paris, and he exhibited every year until his death at the Salon des artistes français, where he was awarded several medals. He died on August 16, 1901.


19th Century Period

Circa: 1890.

Dim: W: 11,8 in - D: 8,3in - H: 17,7in.


Condition report: good general condition. Restoration of the neck of the mandolin and the finger of one of the young ladies.


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