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» » A renewed interest in furniture and art objects

A renewed interest in furniture and art objects

March, 9th 2021 | Galerie Atena

Showroom Atena

The Gallery showroom, XVIIth and XIXth century furniture - Montesson


A general return of people to their interior 


The health crisis, which has been affecting us for the past year, has considerably transformed the relationship to our home, where we spend more time due to restrictions, confinements, home office... It has become vital to create a warm and comfortable space that reflects our personality, too long neglected by the dictates of furniture standardization.


For several decades, interior design was subject to economic and convenience considerations. The development of major standardized production brands of ergonomic and affordable furniture, has considerably transformed our consumption habits. According to a study on the "Reuse and Re-use of Furniture" conducted in 2019 by the Regional Observatory of Social and Solidarity Economy in Ile-de-France, only 4% of furniture is re-used in France. "This small percentage of reuse can be explained, among other things, by the decline in the quality of furniture available on the market over the last 10 years," explains the author of the study, Steve Lewis.


Maison d'hôte Atena années 60

Host Gallery - Vésinet



The rise of environmental awareness


At the same time, global awareness for environmental issues has been witnessed. However, this collective mind set must also be reflected in the implementation of concrete individual actions to change our consumption patterns.


Since the industrial revolution, our economic model has been based on abundant natural resources and a linear pattern of production - consumption - waste. In a context of population growth and over-consumption, this model is no longer viable. It has become essential to transform it into a circular economic model. The circular economy aims to extend the lifespan of a product by reusing and then recycling it which creates loops of revalorization of the material at each use.


It is in this context of societal crisis and the widespread return of French people to their homes, coupled with a growing environmental awareness, that we are seeing a renewed interest in antique furniture and art objects.


Giltwood vitrine

Italian Baroque-style Giltwood Vitrine

Lounge chair F588

Lounge Chair "F588", by Geoffrey Harcourt

Pair of marble neoclassical style pedestals

Pair of marble Neoclassical style Pedestals


Antique furniture and Art objects in the Circular Economy


This need to give back a soul, a life to our interior, has resulted in a return to antique furniture, which has the particularity of carrying a history. They have crossed the centuries, they have survived time and wear, they were there long before us, and they will pass on to future generations a part of the collective history. More then simple decorative objects, the furniture of Antiquaires are pieces of exception by their singularity and their quality of execution. They are the work of a true work of excellence and an ancestral know-how still unequalled today. The quality of the noble materials used, the perfection of the details, the technicality and the precision employed for their realization, are as many elements which will give your interior charm and character to make it unique.


In addition, there is a return of the younger generation to this timeless mix between modernity and old, and more particularly to "vintage" furniture (20th century design furniture). Considering the declining quality of the furniture on the market today, this generation has tended in recent years to return to the second-hand market and craftsmanship. It is no longer a question of considering furniture as a simple everyday object, but of giving it back its meaning. For a long time considered difficult to access, expensive and reserved for a clientele of over 40 years, Antiquaires' furniture today meets a societal and environmental need. It is therefore essential to facilitate consumer access to restored antique furniture, ready to use and at an affordable price.


Pair of velvet bergere chairs

Pair of Velvet Bergere chairs, 1950s



Restored furniture: ready for use.

Antique furniture can easily lose its original shine due to the wear and tear of time. Fortunately, there are many specialist restorers in France and in Europe who excel in their field and perfectly know how to restore works of art to their original glory while preserving their authenticity. Over the years, some specialists like us have acquired a thorough knowledge of antique furniture restoration, and have developed a network of specialized restorers, allowing them to offer their customers objects and furniture restored according to the rules of art and ready for use.


Quality furniture at affordable prices.

Antique furniture has long been more expensive than new objects. However, over the last 20 years, the transparency of prices, linked to the development of the Internet, has considerably reduced the acquisition costs of these goods, making them extremely attractive. In addition, the digitalization of the sector has allowed online galleries like ours to reduce their costs and thus offer more affordable prices.


Easily accessible furniture.

The access to the antique furniture market has been democratized with the development of the Internet and the appearance of e-commerce galleries or specialized websites such as AnticStore, Proantic, Vinterior, 1stdibs... The development of this type of platform has been made possible in large part by the quality of the photos.


We should not think of the circular economy as a brake on economic development. The restoration of an old piece is a real creation of value! We redirect the creation of value while preserving our environment. The preservation of our past can promote the preservation of our future.