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Three Wallpapers "The Three Continents"

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Set of three wallpapers featuring three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. These allegories of continents were realized in the 19th century.

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Set of three allegorical wallpapers representing three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe.


Asia is wearing a sumptuous dress adorned with embroidery, a feathered turban and jewels. A camel, her animal attribute, is lying behind her.


Africa is a young woman wearing a cornucopia, symbol of the Nile and the feeder rivers of Africa. At her feet, the bow used for hunting and an elephant tusk. She is standing in an exotic landscape with a lion, her attribute.


Europe wears the crown, the sceptre and the shield. The horse behind her refers to Ancient Greece and to the equestrian art, that is intimately linked to the nobility and the military world. Europe is the symbol of arts and sciences whose attributes are scattered at her feet. The crown, sceptre and armour evoke the european authority and political power.

Circa :1850
Dim: W: 39,4 in - D: ,8in - H: 30,7in.
Dim: L:100cm, P:2cm, H:78cm.

Condition Report

The three wallpapers were restored and stretched on a wood frame.


The allegory of the 4 continents, very popular since the 17th century, is part of the great current of exoticism, and had a long career in the decorative arts. The allegorical figures of the continents were represented in paintings, engravings, sculptures and large ceiling decorations. These figures were admired for the exoticism of their costumes and landscapes.

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